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Profile of Various PDD Wings


  • Maintenance & RE Wings
    • Overall distribution at 66 & 33 kV level and below.
    • Setting up, maintenance and operations of 66-33/11-6.6 kV Sub-transmission systems
    • Setting up, maintenance and operations of 11kV/433V distribution system
    • The billing of energy to consumers and collections
    • The face of PDD in dealings with individual consumers.
  • System and Operation Wings
    • Overall transmission above 66 / 33 kV level.
    • Setting up, maintenance and operations of 220/132/33 kV Grid stations
    • Setting up, maintenance and operations of 220KV and 132 kV transmission lines.
  • Planning & Design Wing
    • Technical study and approval of Projects
    • Setting up standards of quality control for projects
    • Procurement process of equipment for Grid stations and transmission lines above 66/33 KV.
  • Procurement and Material Management Wing
    • Procurement of line material and equipment for the Sub-transmission level and below.
    • Maintaining inventory of material for M&RE wings in its stores

  • Commercial and Survey Wing
    • Power Purchases
    • Scheduling at merit order
    • Power arrangements under exchange with other states and agencies.
    • Setting up, maintenance and operations of Communication network between different Grids and power Plants
    • Enforcement of power curtailments as per schedule for strict grid discipline
    • Managing operations of the SLDC and Sub LDC
    • Testing of Electric Protection for all electric installations
  • Training, Testing, Inspection and Commissioning Wing
    • Arranging training for the staff
    • Technical Inspection of all new electric installations before their commissioning
    • Setting Standards for Electric Contractors and issuing licenses after assessing their abilities
    • Technical Investigation of all electric accidents
    • Electrical testing and commissioning .